Our story

Challenging the status quo.

Visby Stadsnät

Ín 2015 a group of four experienced FTTH entreprenoers started Visby Stadsät to challange the status quo situation in the medival City of Visby. Visby is situated on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. Gotland belongs to Sweden since the peace treaty between Sweden and Denmark in 1645. The City of Visby is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The entire city is an archelogical site.


The situation was quite rediculus given that the remainder of the island was in the final stages of completion the transformation journey from traditional copper telecoms infrastructure to fiber to the home. The large incumbent telecom and utility providers where debating if they could afford to run a project in the challging environment the City of Visby was providing. The City of Visby was the only white spot left on the map.


UNESCO World Heritage, Protected buildings, Archelogical Site, Tourism season, Winter season, Hand digging of all trenches required. The list just goes on. Given the operational window for trenching was limited to April and May in the spring and late September to November in the autum. Did the 12km trenching require planning and permits close to an hourly percision in order to let traffic through in narrow medival allies.

Building for the future

The network is designed for the future with 4 individual point to point fibers to every outlet. This means that the network is actually 4 paralell fiber infrastructures. The first is used for Internet services. The second for smart home services including alarm and control features for the entire building managment. The third is for healt care services. The patient could be mananged in their home much longer given that the fiber is directly connected to the care takers equipment for monitoring the patient in real time. The system is also including video link for face to face conversations. The fourth fiber is for 5G mobile networks providing the house owner the option to rent out space for 5G antennas on the facade or on the roof of their building to an mobile operator.


During 2018 was the last houses connected. A little over 80% of the adressable household are now connected to Visby Stadsnät. The Internet services are provided via Zitius a Swedish Network Provider company offering in the range of 15 Service Providers in the network Z-Market

Going forward


Today FIBERX consists of a team of experienced FTTH veterans and a has set the course to be one of the leading providers of FTTH deployment services in Europe.


TELSITA is a Lithuanian Construction Company owned by the managemnt of FIBERX.

TELSITA provides experienced staff that knows how to build FTTH networks to customers through out Europe.


INTERCONNEXION is a Swedish software company owned by the maanmgement of FIBERX

INTERCONNEXTION provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution called TGR FTTH (pronounced TiGeR FTTH) for efficient FTTH network lifecycle management.

Meet our team

Field Team

Civil Workers

The team are instrumental for reaching the budget target for any FTTH project. Civil Works Account for 80% of the budget...

The team are trained and certified for all kind of trenching and restoration work including conventional open trenching, narrow- and micro-trenching as well as anything from garden to cobblestone restoration.
The team works shifts which ensurs uninterrupted production in the field

Fiber Technicians

Efficient fiber to the home installation requires special skills and experience.

Our team members are fully certified Fiber Technicians. That means they are certified for both fibre splicing and fibre cable measurements.
State of the art fiber equipment ensures highest quality.

Mr. Simas Didaronkus - Field Operations Director

Mr. Didaronkus brings a wealth of experience in managing FTTH deployment all over Europe
Based in Lithuania he oversees the field operation on a daily basis.
Mr. Didaronkus hold an BSc in Telecommunication from the Vilnius University, Lithuania

Field Office Germany

Ms. Elin Fagernes Gullberg - Head Project Manager

Ms. Fagernes Gullberg has a well documented track record of delivering large FTTH projects on time and within budget. Has a background in Media and Communication and has studied at Örebro University, Sweden. Stationed in Germany she oversees the project and handles the customer interaction as well as the project finances

Mr. Oliver Ahlberg - Field Office Manager

Mr Ahlberg have a broad experince in international environments during his many years in the IT industry including work at Ericsson worldwide.
Mr Ahlberg is German and based in Germany but have worked and lived in Sweden for many years.

Field Office Sweden

Mr. Mickael Melander - Senior Field Engineer

Mr. Melander was the first Fiber Technician in Sweden to become Internationally Certified
Based in Visby Sweden he has the prime responsibility for managing Visby Stadsnät and the FIBERX Internet Exchange. Mr Melander is also responsible for quality assurance and inhouse training

Center of Excellence

Ms. Lina Modin Larsson - Head of Software Delvelopment

Ms. Modin Larsson ensures that we have close to real time status of the field operations by our own purpose built software supporting the FIBERX Deployment Process. Based in Sweden she oversees the continuous software development on a daily basis. Ms. Modin Larsson holds an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden

Ms. Jenny Olofsson - Process Owner - FIBERX FTTH Deployment Process

Ms. Olofsson started her career in the FTTH industry as Fiber Technician and has worked her way up to the position of Process Owner. Based in Sweden she works with optimization as well as customer adaptation of the FIBERX FTTH Deployment Process


Mr. Bengt Linnander - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Linnander is a successful entrepreneur and international businessman
Mr. Linnander has a background in the optronic industry and holds an MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Linköping in Sweden
Mr. Linnander is based Sweden, but travels frequently to oversee all ongoing projects in person

Mr. Per Schjelderup - Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Schjelderup brings a wealth of experience in managing large scale FTTH deployment organisations
Based in Sweden he oversees the field operation in Europe and manages the international cross border workforce on a daily basis
Managing the IS/IT department as well as our inhouse software development and are ultimately responsible for the FIBERX FTTH Deployment Process

Mr. Patrik Hedengren - Vice President Sales and Marketing

Mr Hedengren has long successful track record in the networking industry working in various roles within sales and marketing as well as General Manager
With a background in the construction industry he has a deep understanding of the complexity of large scale infrastructure projects such as FTTH deployment. Based in Sweden he oversees the field sales in Europe

Mr. Michael Juniwik - Vice President Business Development

Mr Juniwik is an internationally well known entrepreneur and businessman
With a successful track record as business leader in such diverse industries as Electronic Retail as well as Commercial Airlines he is now dedicated to bring fiber to all homes in Europe
Mr. Juniwik is responsible for investments and financing for large scale FTTH deployments projects

Board of Directors

Mr. Mikael Karlström - Chairman of the Board and Advisor

Mr. Karlström is a well known FTTH visionary and works as an advisor to the management team.
Former Officer in the Swedish Armed Forces with over 30 years experience from leading roles in the networking industry in Europe and USA.
Bringing a unique experience in FTTH deployment being former Director for Eltel’s Fibre Force, an 250 MEUR FTTH deployment operation in 7 countries. Mr. Karlström is based in Sweden