FIBERX FTTH Deployment Process

FIBERX has defined a detailed FTTH Deployment Process


Finding the most lucrative area for building an FTTH network can be challenging.


The selection starts with a geographical area of interest.


Over the geographical area are demographical data applied.

Existing Services

For prioritation are existing services displayed.

High Level Design

An High Level FTTH design is created.

Cluster Selection

The areas (clusters) which shows the highest likelyhood of ordering an FTTH connection are seleted and a preliminary investment plan in created per cluster.

Detailed Design

Once an area is selected for sales and marketing activities are a detailed network design required. This is the foundation for all further activities.

Least Cost Routing

Avoiding cost and further on delays in network deployment require minimal usage of private property. Therefor should only public land be used for the backbone and distribution network.

Bill of Material

The Network design is reflected in a bill of material where all recuired material is detailed.

Man hour estimate

Based on experience is a man hour estimate generated for the build.

Sales & Marketing

Selling an FTTH connection requiers personal touch and local presence.

Market Message

Writing the offer requires experience from B2C marketing and needs to be educational in it's approach. You will never sell on technical specifications.

The Campaign

The campaign needs to be timed with the planned rolled out of the FTTH network.


You need to avoid a price war. Sell something that you customers want not what they need

Project Planning

A prerquisite for a successfull FTTH project.

Resource Plan

Finding resources is hard since this is a niched business.

Time Plan

Winter and Summer are normally setting the perimiters for the time plan.


Without proper permits you can't simply do anything.


The sourcing of material is a lengthly process and you will not benefit from beeing loyal.


Finally you are on your way to ligth up your new FTTH network.

Backbone Network

Without a backbone are you not connected to the rest of the Internet.

Distribution Network

The distribution network will be dependant on your drop strategy. The drop strategy referrs to the nature of your way of connecting the customers. By air, by existing conduits or by digin dowm a brand new duct for the fiber cable.

Drop Network

This is the most time consuming part of the network build. We need to interact with all end customers and that will take a lot of time. This has to be the most well managed part of the network build.

Documentation & Verification

Once your network is built you need to document it for the future maintenance and possible augmentation.

Network Map

GPS measurments is required to get an acurate network map.

Network Topology

You need to document the network topology down to the infdividual fibre strand in a cable and how the cable are joined.


There is only one type of measurement required in an FTTH access network and that is an OTDR which gives a clear view of every splice in the fibre path.


An FTTH network is a low maintennace cost type of network compared to a copper network. There are reports showing a drop of 90% in maintennace cost in the access network when converting to an FTTH network.


The network itself is monitored by the active equipment attached to each side of the fiber path. This requires a dedicated system.


Once the customer wants to activate his connection is this done in a portal. The portal is providing a selection of services providers and handles billing as well as revenue collection for the service provider.

Customer Care

The customers expects to be notified in a proactive manner when the system fails. If they have a problem on their side of the connection is it often a smart thing to offer a service aimed for help with the hope aplliences such as Wi-Fi routers and computers.

Consulting Services

Seasoned experts that provide advice and guidance

Sales & Marketing Experts

Project Managers

Design Engineers

Deployment Foremen

Fiber Technicians Trainer

Civil Workers Trainer

Construction Services

Full service or you decide

General Contractor

Turn Key Network Deployment Service.

Sub Contractor

Teams of Ciwil Workers or Fiber Technicians with a Foreman. Naked or Fully Loaded