FIBERX is the umbrella for an international group of companies with offices in Sweden, Finland and Lithuania.

FIBERX provides experienced staff for FTTH Roll Outs such as Designers, Project Managers, Fiber Technicians and Civil Workers.

FIBERX also provides expert advice in the area of FTTH business management to customers world wide.

FIBERX also owns and operates Fiber To The Home (FTTH) networks locally on the island of Gotland, Sweden.






City of Visby – Visby Stadsnät

FiBERX has built the FTTH network in the heart of the world heritage City of Visby.

Working with the delicate task to trench in the archeological preservation area of the medieval City of Visby has required firm project management and close cooperation with the local authorities and keepers of the world heritage.

The success of the FTTH Network deployment  in Visby has become a testament to FiBERX’s expertise.

The companies in the FiBERX group are world leaders in the planing, design and construction of FTTH networks in world heritage areas.

FiBERX provides expert advice on how to manage projects in world heritage areas to customers such as network owners and service providers around the world.